A STUDIO FAVE: Website Design for Nick West Developments | Lovely Studio
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A STUDIO FAVE: Website Design for Nick West Developments

A STUDIO FAVE: Website Design for Nick West Developments

Ugh! So good! LOVE LOVE LOVE this project!

I get it. You’re probably wondering, “How the hell can she be so excited about a website project? Right?!

There are so many reasons! From working with a great client & company, the clean design, fun team collaboration – start to finish, it’s been awesome. But the kicker is because of the connection with the client. Right from the moment I met Ryan and listened to him speak about his company and love for the job, I was excited to take this on. I knew this guy was the real deal. To Ryan, it’s more than just building homes – it’s the final result of making dreams a reality for his clients. That is his purpose. That is what makes him tick.

But you’re still asking ‘Why is this so exciting?’ Here’s the thing:

There are many businesses out there, and in the case of Nick West Developments, there are many other home builders. But there are few who approach their business model and craft with creativity, or who LOVE what they do. And there are even fewer who know they would benefit from brand support. And even fewer who are ready to accept the help. And! Even fewer who are ready to invest in the help. But, when you connect with an established business owner like Ryan, wants to be an industry leader, is ready to invest, AND offers an exceptional product & service to their clients…well my friends, that is a rarity and a situation I get extremely excited about (insert high-leg kick here). Nothing feels better in my job than working with someone who is ready to hit it out of the park. When I can see the opportunity for a client, like Ryan, to raise the bar and tell his brand story with authenticity and professionalism, it’s enough to keep me up at night, mind spinning with ideas.

You see, for your brand to succeed on all levels and to be a leader in your industry, it takes more than just showing up every day and doing your job. You know that. But often when you’re in the cycle of just trying to stay caught up and take care of your customers it’s easy to overlook the importance of taking care of your own brand. Or perhaps you know the importance but can’t even fathom where to begin. It starts with a chat over coffee (or your beverage of choice) with Lovely Studio. Just like how you genuinely care about the success of your clients, that’s how I care about your success. Truly. You do what you do best, and Lovely Studio will do what we do best. Give you a plan and tools to take your business to the next level. It’s a lovely thing.


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Word: ‘Petrichor’ {the smell of earth after rain}
Colour: Pantone Greenery 15-0343 {Refreshing and symbolic of new beginnings)